Thursday, October 31, 2002

THE FUNNIEST MARSUPIAL in America outdoes himself today. You 'da man, skippy!
MY DARLING! I knew you'd come.

A link today from Tanya, my internet inamorata, my cyber sweetie, my blog babe. She has found me at last! She knows I'm alive! I knew she would eventually. It's destiny. And her post makes it sooooo clear, she wants me bad!

Of course she doesn't just come out and say it! You have to read between the lines. But she does. Its obvious.

I'm not sure how these things work. Is it too early to start stalking her? At what point should the bunny go in the cook pot?
INTERESTING START TO THE DAY. I have a live-in "amah" (Chinese for house-keeper). She's 24 years old, Filippina, quite cute and a little bit naive. Let's call her "Babette." I'm single -- okay, I'm a rutting animal -- and I won't deny there's a certain pleasure in having a pretty girl, in my dateable age range, flitting about the house. However, keeping in mind the Chinese addage "man who fucks amah irons own shirts", I have been scrupulously professional.

Well, this morning -- when I should have been in my office -- I walked in on Babette, lying on my living room sofa, her head thrown back, her panties around her ankles, masturbating rapturously to a porn video. And not some quick little diddle either, this was XXX, adult video, "and the winner of the award for 'Best Female Solo Performance' is. . ." material.

I slipped out of the room before she ever knew I was there.

What bothers me about this incident -- yes, every silver lining has its cloud -- is my immediate reaction. Well, no, not my immediate reaction -- that was entirely expected and appropriate, thank God. What bothers me is that my first rational thought after exiting the room was not "where'd I put the digital camera" but rather "I wish I hadn't seen that."

Is this unexpected and entirely uncharacteristic response (a) evidence of a long-awaited advent of maturity, responsibilty, consideration of others and an appreciation of consequences, or (b) but the first symptom of the decline in testosterone and libido that lead us all, inexorably, to eventual impotence and death?

Just a cheerful thought for the day.

Whatever the explanation, I expect I'll be taking a much greater interest in the housework from now on.
ACCORDING TO THE MINNEAPOLIS Star Tribune, psychologist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross was wrong. There are six, rather than five, stages of grief. In addition to denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, add electioneering.

Turn[ing] the [Wellstone memorial] into a political rally . . . was inappropriate, but more to the point, it was irrational. [One eulogist] appeared so caught up in grief, loss and anger that he lost his way. . . . [I]t could only have come from a person wracked with grief and pain.

Yep, makes sense to me, just look at the grief and pain etched on the face of these two fuckers.

(Via Best of the Web)

UPDATE: Pyschology breakthroughs continue in Minnesota, where Senator Wellstone's death has led to the discovery of yet a seventh stage of grief, discrimination:

[Alan Page] [a] law-and-order liberal . . . led the state Democratic ticket in recent elections. According to Minnesota sources, he was eager to seek the Senate seat. But the [Democrats] apparently did not want to risk running the African-American Page in an overwhelmingly Caucasian state, and Page was swiftly discouraged.
REGINA IP, Hong Kong Secretary for Security, gets up on her hind legs and makes an ass of herself. From her address to the Foreign Correspondents Club:

With time to reflect on her remarks to the students [of Hong Kong City University] on Monday, when she warned that "Adolf Hitler was returned by universal suffrage and he killed seven million Jews", Mrs Ip was ready to defend herself. But, in a way that reminded everyone that the worst thing to give someone in a hole is a spade, she dug on. "They are my personal views," she said, but wasn't content to leave it there, and her questioning of whether "one man, one vote" was right for Hong Kong nearly brought the house down.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

A THOUGHTFUL READER points out, with some merit, that I may have been unfair to octogenerian Senator Robert Byrd in an earlier post and suggests that I owe him an apology. She may have a point. Perhaps I should apologize to the Senator. Fair is fair. Let's consider:

Byrd wrote this:

"Rather I should die a thousand times, and see old Glory in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours be degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds."

And said this:

"The Ku Klux Klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth in West Virginia."

And this:

"There are white niggers. I've seen a lot of white niggers in my time. I'm going to use that word.”

And did this:

Senator Robert Byrd led the Senate Democrats' filibuster of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Byrd himself held the floor for over 14 hours.

And joined this:

Robert Byrd was a member of the Ku Klux Klan and wasn't just a passive member of the nation's most notorious hate group. According to news accounts and biographical information, Sen. Byrd was a "Kleagle" -- an official recruiter who signed up members for $10 a head. He said he joined because it "offered excitement" and because the Klan was an "effective force" in "promoting traditional American values."

So, should I offer the Senator an apology?

Oh hell no! Bobby Byrd, you can blow me, you sheet wearing, cross burning, Ku Klux sonofabitch! We make no apologies to racists around these parts. "Kick 'em when they're down" is what I say.

I'm a ranter, not a hater. But when Byrd dies, I'd pay serious money for the chance to stand atop his headstone and piss into his open grave. Judging from the behavior at Paul Wellstone's funeral, Terry McAuliffe might just sell me the opportunity.

They could make it a fundraiser.

POSTSCRIPT: No dammit, there is no statute of limitations on joining the Klan (or the Nazi's or any other violent, racist, hate group). The US still deports old Nazi's who slipped through the cracks after the war, doesn't it? Some acts are so vile and call one's character and judgment so deeply into question as to render one permanently unfit for public life. Besides, Byrd made the "white nigger" remark last year for Christ's sake!

I don't think even David Duke or Mark Furman have been heard saying "nigger" in public that recently.
I KNOW I SAID "NO BLOGGING" but this is too good not to share. Tony Pierce "interviews" Houston Rockets number 1 draft choice, the Chinese center, Yao Ming. Great stuff Tony, but replace Anna? Say it ain't so!
NO BLOGGING UNTIL perhaps this evening, Hong Kong time. I'm speaking at a conference this afternoon and have yet to write a word, so. . . .
GOOD STUFF (but there's nothing new about that) from Stephen Green about the recent tawdry display in Minnesota.

UPDATE: Jesus, folks, yes, I know I misspelled "Minnesota" (since fixed). I can't spell worth a damn. I went to public schools, what the hell do you expect? Besides, if Microsoft included a spell check program anywhere within the basic version of Windows XP, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

UPDATE II: Yes, in fact, I am blaming Bill Gates and the government for my own illiteracy. Anyone else got a problem with that?!?
CRUEL FUN at the expense of children. It could only come from Tony the Teacher.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

JAMES E. THOMPSON'S DUPLICITOUS PIECE OF SHIT: The Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, James Thompson, writing in AmCham's October Journal:

"Many views have been and will continue to be aired about the introduction of a new law to fulfill the requirement of Article 23 in Hong Kong's Basic Law."

But not by you, Thompson, as we are about to see. Let's watch a weasel at work.

"These views range from total support to absolute condemnation about new laws governing Hong Kong's security."

A particularly nasty bit of moral equivalency there -- treating each as an equally acceptable response to the oppressive regulations imposed from Bejing.

"Secretary for Security, Regina Ip . . ."

Madame Mao with a two-dollar perm.

". . . and other members of the Hong Kong Government have done a good job . . ."

Unless the next phrase is "demonstrating they are lying crapweasels, serving the interests of their Communist Mainland masters," this statement is categorically false.

". . . of informing the public of their intentions . . . "

They intend to cram this bill down our throats regardless of what we think. I haven't heard any of them inform me of that.

". . . answering questions raised about the draft consultation paper . . ."

You can judge for yourself whether or not Ms. Ip's answers to such questions were misleading, evasive and mendacious.

". . . and seeking views from all corners of the Hong Kong populace about this proposed legislation."

Actually, the government has refused, despite the request of the Hong Kong Law Society and Anson Chan to issue a "white bill" which would be subject to public comment. Other objectors have been called alarmist, troublemakers and unpatriotic

"This public consultation . . . "

Which doesn't exist . . .

". . . will continue . . ."

to be stifled and avoided

". . . until December 24 . . ."

(Merry Christmas Hong Kong)

". . . after which a formal bill will be drafted . . ."

Which will look precisely like the proposed legislation, no matter what the public may say about it in the interim.

". . .for presentation to the Legislative Council."

Where Beijing's hand-picked majority will approve it unanimously.

"AmCham will present our views to the Hong Kong government on the draft consultation paper . . ."

Thompson won't reveal those views here, however, lest you retch at the sight of an American colluding with dictators to oppress his neighbors. And, btw, what's up with this "our views" shit, Thompson? I'm a dues paying member of AmCham and no one's asked me what I think.

". . . but we are also encouraging the Government to take views on the final detailed legislation, which will be presented in the early part of 2003."

Very reassuring, whatever the hell it means. This "encouragement" will have the same effect as the encouragements to Beijing not to run over students with tanks, sell organs from executed prisoners, lock dissidents in mental institutions, beat to death grannies for practicing Falun Gong exercises, force women to undergo abortions, imprison Catholic priests, Prostestant ministers, and Bhuddist monks, enslave Tibet or support North Korea. That is to say, no effect whatsoever. Less even, since Thompson isn't even encouraging them to actually do anything.

"We feel that this is very important legislation to the people of Hong Kong . . ."

A nice bit of understatement here, don't you think? Like the Nuremberg Laws were important to German Jews. This law signals the end of freedom in Hong Kong.

". . . as well as the foreign investors . . ."

Especially the foreign investors who don't keep their mouths shut about the whole disgraceful undertaking, thereby risking those aforementioned investments. This category obviously doesn't include Mr. Thompson. He knows to wag his tail when he hears his Master's voice.

". . . and can be implemented smoothly . . ."

If rape is inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it, Hong Kong.

". . . if everyone is allowed to have input in the entire process."

What the fuck does this mean, plus they aren't?!?

James Thompson, you should be ashamed. Free, prosperous, influential, carrying an American passport and protected by the US government, you find yourself confronted with a blatant example of tyranny seeking to extend its grip to oppress others. The victims include your friends, neighbors, colleagues and employees. You are at no personal risk. You face the kind of moral test that measures a man's character. How will you respond?

You respond by writing this indefensible piece of shit. You can't even manage the moral courage to stand idly by and do nothing. Instead, you become an apologist for the oppressors. You betray your neighbors and the values of the country you come from? To make matters worse, you commit this betrayal in the name of an organization comprised largely of Americans.

Are you proud of yourself? Do you sleep well at night?

Christ, Thompson, you turn my stomach. You ought to be horse-whipped down Queen's Road.

And one more thing, Thompson -- you don't write worth a shit either.

Monday, October 28, 2002

CHINA'S COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT blames corruption on "Western influences." They must be kidding!!! The Chinese literally invented corruption. Chinese Mandarins were shaking down merchants and taking back-handers when my ancestors where running around the Northern European forests wearing animal skins. Andy Fastow would be a pillar of probity in Beijing. If there is anything the Chinese are capable of managing without any Western assistance whatsoever, its graft.
HE WAS A SON OF A BITCH but he was our son of a bitch. Interesting reading at The Vodka Pundit.
GODLESS CAPITALIST at Gene Expression looses a rant against the ridiculous term "people of color." This little peice of PC gibberish used to have an effect on me similar to fingernails dragging slowly across a chalk-board. Then I found an unforgettable Bloom County cartoon, the text of which is printed below. Ever since, "people of color" brings a smile to my face.

Mom: That's the most adorable little colored girl playing outside.

Steve: "Colored"?!? You're saying "colored people" in 1988?!? You know better, Ma.

Mom: Then why the "National Association for the Advancement of Colored People? I don't think Negroes mind at all.

Steve: Don't say "Negroes," Ma! You can't say "Negroes"!

Mom: Can I say "United Negro College Fund"?

Steve: You're baiting me, Ma!

Dad: That's it! We're leaving.

Mom: Stay put, Reginald. "Mister Socially Sensitive" isn't finished shaming his parents into enlightenment.

Steve: Everybody just calm down. Let's agree to use the the New-Age term "People of Color."

Mom: People of Color?

Steve: People of Color.

Mom: . . . Colored people.

Steve: NO!!!

Dad: We're leaving!
DO THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE? This interesting little quiz (via Gene Expression) tests one's ability to tell Chinese, Japanese and Koreans apart. I scored a 12; a Korean friend of mine managed a 16; while a fellow Western expat I know got a dismal 3.
IN A SIGN THAT POLITICAL CORRECTNESS hasn't yet reached the Philippines, I saw the following headline in a Manila newspaper this weekend:

"Woman Gives Birth to Freak"
JUST BACK FROM MANILA and security there was omnipresent. I had to pass though a metal detector to enter my hotel. At the airport, I passed through two metal detectors, was wanded four times, patted down twice and had my carry-on bag searched, prior to boarding my flight. And, if the burnoose wearing Arab being frog marched to a back room is anything to go by, the Philippinos don't have any qualms about racial profiling.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

INSPIRED BY THE US PRESIDENT, and accompanied by an international delegation (okay, a drunken rabble of Aussies, Kiwis and Brits), I depart today for the Gweilo Diaries' equivalent of the Crawford ranch -- i.e., the private back-room of an undisclosed, but extremely tawdry, drinking establishment in Manila. Thus, light posting for the next few days. Not that I don't appreciate my readers, but unless you start wearing bikinis and sitting in my lap, blogging is going to come a distant second this weekend.
ACCORDING TO HIS ID, my taxi driver this morning was named Tit Man Kwan.

Aren't we all, Kwan? Aren't we all?
JOHN ASHCROFT IN HONG KONG: US Attorney General John Ashcroft's address this morning, here in Hong Kong, was generally every bit as uncontroversial as such things are intended to be. Nevertheless, one passage stuck in my mind and was particularly disquieting.

Noting the multi-jurisdictional reach of al Qaeda, Ashcroft observed that the September 11 terrorists were recruited in Germany, received general training in Afghanistan, received operational training in Florida, assembled and initiated their mission in New England, struck New York and Washington, and received financing "from the capital city of another country."

That last bit encapsulates everything that is wrong with the US "war" on terrorism. How likely are American leaders to confront Saudi Arabia regarding their continued funding of terrorists, when the chief law enforcement officer of the US won't even utter their name for fear of offending them?

What the hell is the explanation for this inordinate deference to the Saudis? This shitty little desert country is the primary source of the ideology, funding and personnel behind fundamentalist Islamic terrorism. Sure they have oil, but so what? They aren't going to drink the stuff. Indeed, they have no choice but to maintain oil sales in order to raise the funds required to buy off their restive population and to keep their princes in Rolls Royces and whores.

I simply don't get it. The way we pussy-foot around the corrupt and repressive House of Saud, you'd think they had secret photos of a drunken George Bush and two naked dobermans cavorting in food.

OTHER OBSERVATIONS: Ashcroft offered his condolences to those of us in Hong Kong who lost friends, loved ones and colleagues in the Bali bombing and specifically mentioned one victim, my friend Jake Young, by name. Offering condolences may seem a small gesture, but it is more than anyone in the Hong Kong government has bothered to do.
PUNDITOURIST ALERT! I'm all for American's traveling abroad, expanding their horizons and experiencing new cultures, but for Christ's sake people, a seven day package tour of Asia does not make you a freakin' expert on the place.
US ATTORNEY GENERAL John Ashcroft is speaking in Hong Kong tomorrow. The subject of his talk is Cooperation in International Law Enforcement. The event begins at 8:00 AM at the Shangri-la Hotel and is sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce. I'll let you know if he has anything interesting to say (unlikely), provided I can drag my ass out of bed early enough to attend (even less likely).

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

AN OPEN LETTER TO JIANG ZEMIN: The following letter, signed by 45 academics, was sent to the Chinese President.

His Excellency Mr. Jiang Zemin
The People's Republic of China

Dear Mr. Jiang:

We write to protest an impending change in Hong Kong law that could seriously harm that vibrant city. The Hong Kong government's recent proposal to implement the part of its Basic Law called "Article 23," against "treason, subversion, secession and sedition," will have a chilling effect on Hong Kong's civil liberties and expose Hong Kong citizens to the danger of arbitrary prosecution.

In the 1990s your government promised Hong Kong "one country, two systems" and "no change for 50 years." Implementing Article 23 will undermine the spirit of that promise. In mainland China, your government has a clear record of using anti-subversion laws to crack down on citizens as various as academics, internet entrepreneurs, worker-rights advocates, and members of political and religious groups. If the proposed legislation on Article 23 passes, little will stand between Hong Kong people and a similar fate. The independent judicial power of Hong Kong courts, as you know, has already been weakened, and self-censorship in the Hong Kong press, already well underway, will certainly increase if the current plans go forward. Hong Kong people will naturally be less willing to risk exercise of their rights of association and demonstration.

[. . . .]


A GWEILO DIARIES EXCLUSIVE: Gweilo Diaries has obtained this copy of President Jiang's response.

Dear Academics:

Precisely. What's your point?


Jiang Zemin
OTHER THAN THAT MRS. LINCOLN, how was the play? John Sidgmore, new CEO of bankrupt telecom company WorldCom, in an interview with InfoWorld:

"If you get away from the debt and fraud, this is a tremendous company with tremendous assets."
WHO'S BEHIND THE RECENT BOMBINGS in the Philippines? Asia Times admits it doesn't have a clue and suspects that the Philippine government doesn't either.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

ADVICE FROM THE GWEILO: Introducing a new Gweilo Diaries feature, wherein the author will offer advice -- whether born of hard experience, shamelessly plagerized from elsewhere or made up on the spot -- on life in Asia. Today's topic, dining in China:

Meals are central to Chinese social life. It is important that one make an impression on one's Chinese dining companions. Here are two guaranteed methods to make sure that you are not forgotten:

1. Call attention to the fried sparrows. Point out how much smaller Chinese birds are than Western birds. Repeat this throughout the meal. Pretend you do not know that "bird", in Chinese, is slang for penis.

2. Introduce yourself to the the most attractive woman at the table. Tell her how much you enjoy eating tofu. Especially soft, white, Chinese tofu. Repeat until slapped.

Happy dining.

Thanks to WGCM.

Indonesia's two largest Muslim organizations have demanded that authorities take action against religious extremists, who they say are a small minority among the country's Muslim population.

Abdurrahman Wahid (popularly known as "Gus Dur"), the former Indonesian President who was replaced as head of state by Megawati Sukarnoputri last year, said that Abu Bakar Bashir should have been arrested long ago.

"I believe that Bashir is a terrorist,"
Wahid said in a radio interview.

Although Gus Dur's credibility was badly damaged by his near comic opera presidency and allegations of corruption, the group he heads, Nahdlatul Ulama, has 40 million members, making it the world's largest Muslim organization. Wahid's call for action against extremists, such as Jemaah Islamiyah, was supported by the leadership of Muhammadiyah, another moderate Muslim organization which claims 30-million members.

It's in Nahdlatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah's, own best interests that fundimentalist Islam not gain a stronger foothold in Indonesia. Should they choose to take a leadership role in combating such extemism, they would bring a moral authority to the fight that the government, military and security agencies lack. They could also give the authorites the necessary "cover" that they need to crack down.

This is the most encouraging sign I've seen since the bombing. But keep in mind, Wahid loaths Megawati (not without reason) and is famously erratic. What he may do next is anyone's guess.

Monday, October 21, 2002

skippy the bush kangeroo crosses the aisle to defend Charles Johnson of LGF against spurious charges of racism, demonstrating yet again why he's my favorite lefty (plus he links to me!!!!). Now, if only someone would show him how to use the SHIFT key!

BTW: LGF's purported anti-Muslim "racism" -- and when the hell did Islam become a "race" anyway? -- seems to consist primarily of quoting the evil rhetoric coming from their own mosques and websites and posting heart warming photos of Palestinian toddlers dressed by their parents as suicide bombers. I guess the logic is that showing a Muslim being an anti-Semite is a bigoted thing to do. Well, if tolerance now means tolerating hate mongers, mark me down as a "racist" too.
TIME MAGAZINE shares my disquiet over the situation in Indonesia. A few interesting observations:

The new [Indonesain anti-terrorist] legislation will give police "a big stick," says a source who works closely with law enforcement officials in Jakarta. "But they'll just thrash around, arrest a lot of people for show and then quietly release them later. The intelligence services have been so weakened and politicized in the past couple of years that they simply aren't effective anymore. They haven't been tracking these groups, and even where they have, institutional rivalries can cripple them."

I suspect this is exactly right.

"There is skepticism, too, about whether Jakarta's new resolve will last. Scores of Islamic militants who have fled to Indonesia to escape a yearlong crackdown in other Southeast Asian countries are still on the loose. Gunaratna wonders whether Indonesia's leadership has the will to go after them. Megawati, he says, is "still marking time. There will be no real crackdown in Indonesia." If so, both Indonesia and the rest of Southeast Asia will remain vulnerable to more terrorist attacks."

But don't worry, Ralph Peters spent a weekend there and thinks everything will be just fine.

"[US ambasador] Boyce's ultimatum [to shut down the American embassy, made to Indonesian President Megawati two days before the Bali bombing,] was a potent threat. If carried out, it would plunge Indonesia into a diplomatic crisis, and could be catastrophic for its economy. Many U.S. multinationals are legally obligated to adhere strictly to threat warnings issued by the U.S. State Department, and an actual closure would mean they would have to follow suit too. With them would go dozens of other foreign companies, gouging a deep wound in an already sickly economy.

But like a series of earlier attempts over the past year to put pressure on the famously taciturn and immovable President, Boyce's carefully couched warning was met with polite interest but no sign that anything would change."

Of course she didn't react. She wouldn't have had a clue what it meant or how to respond until instructed by her handlers. The woman is famously stupid, well to the left-hand side of the Bell Curve.

"Whatever institutional reforms are put in place, few dispute that the ultimate fate of all such moves depends largely on one person: Megawati. And that, even her supporters acknowledge, could be a problem. "She's valuable as a symbol and provides a sense of stability," says one of her advisers. "But she really doesn't like to manage or even talk to her ministers very much. And this kind of a problem that we have now, the terrorism issue, needs close attention to detail. We just hope she can change in this crisis." On that hangs the future not only of Indonesia but of Asia's war against terrorism."

Then God help Asia.

"Lecturer Trond Andresen of the Norwegian Institute of Technology in Trondheim accuses the media of discriminating against the ugly and emphasizing beautiful people whenever possible. Andresen wants higher ugly quotas on television.

"Ugly people should be spotlighted in the media in the same way that the media wishes to emphasize persons from ethnic minorities," Andresen, a lecture at the Department of Engineering Cybernetics, said to newspaper Bergens Tidende.

Trond Andresen is absolutely right. Such invidious discrimination is disgraceful. The Gweilo Diaries pledges to do its part to rid the world of this injustice. In fact, we'll begin right now by spotlighting . . . Trond Andresen.
ACCORDING TO THE BBC, Indonesian intelligence officials assert that all of the perpetrators of the Bali terrorist attack may have already left the country. How convenient.

UPDATE: I cannot find this story on line to link to it, but its currently in rotation on BBC TV's World Service.
A POPULAR JOKE making the rounds, cautiously no doubt, in Iraq:

Saddam Hussein's wife, Sajida, has just learned to drive.

On her first jaunt into Baghdad, she rear-ends another car. She steps out and yells at the other driver, even though the accident is clearly her fault.

The frustrated driver argues back.

Sajida says: "Here's my husband's number. Call him if you have a problem."

The driver calls and says: "Look, man, your wife is being extremely rude."

"Do you know who I am? I am Saddam Hussein," comes the reply.

"Oh," the man says, pausing. "Do you know who I am?"

"No," says Saddam.

"Thank God," says the man, hanging up.
THIS WEBSITE is hilarious! The funniest thing I've read in ages. Thanks to Orchid at The Daily Dose:

You may have been told that it is OK for all books to be out there because theirs no sensorship in this country because no books are evil!! THIS IS A LIE!!

If a book were making you kill someone, than is it evil? What if it were making you be like Hitler?

Their are some books that are evil. Because they make people go against there rationality and be collectionists. The reasons for this is that some people are trying to be evil so they can be second-handers. A second-hander is somebody who takes things that people give them. THIS IS ALWAYS WRONG!!

Have you ever herd of Mein Campff? This is the book that Stalin wrote about how he was evil. And it made other people being evil to. Have you ever heard of The Comunist Manandfestos? This was another evil book about being evil that Carl Marks wrote about it with Fredrick English.

So what should you do about it? If you are going into Barn and Nobles and they are having ANY evil books their than you should tell them they are being evil and like Hitler. What I always do is ask to see the manager but now I cant do that anymore because he baned me for "yelling at him and making a seen." But I know the truth!!! He is an altrueistic evil collectionist and a comunist.

If you make the bookstore to just think about it some more than they will stop seling evil books and SELL MORE AYN RAND!! That way you can help make more people being Objectifists every day.

If you would like to see some evil books that are evil than you should go to my evil books page!!

There's lots more. Check it out.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

GLEN REYNOLDS at Instapundit is shocked that "it's possible to buy three tons of explosives illegally from the Indonesian Army without anyone noticing." Actually, if I were looking to buy illegal arms in Indonesia, the Army would be my first stop:

"The security authorities are no longer in a position to be able to control the use of their weapons for illegal activities. There is also significant evidence that arms have been sold to militia and other groups in the country’s “hot spots”.

There have been reports from Aceh that the military have been part of the supply line to GAM. A rifle can be purchased from a local military unit for as little as Rp50,000 ($6)."

Here's a piece that may provide a better insight into the nature of the Indonesian Army:

"Earlier this month, army chief Ryamizard Ryacudu was forced to apologise to the police rank-and-file in North Sumatra and discharge 20 soldiers, after his troops attacked a police station last month and killed eight people in a nine-hour gun battle.

The clash was apparently triggered when soldiers demanded the release of a soldier detained on drugs charges and police refused."

And no, this is not an unusual occurrence:

"[T]hree innocent high school students were killed and 15 others were injured during a fierce clash between members of Infantry Battalion 501 of the Army Strategic Reserves Command (Kostrad) and police officers in Madiun, East Java, on the night of September 15, 2001. Acting spokesperson for the East Java Police, Comr. Penny Handayani said that five police stations, two buildings, including the police hospital in Madiun, and several vehicles were also destroyed."

The Army and Police used to be under unified command. Since they were divided into separate forces, armed clashes between them have been regular occurrences. The cause -- disputes over which of the entities will retain control over the lucrative narcotics, smuggling and protection rackets.
FROM SCRAPPLEFACE: Journalists A Lot Smarter Than World Leaders.

A new poll of journalists worldwide reveals that writers and editors in news organizations are a lot smarter than presidents, prime ministers and military generals.

The survey, funded by the Center for Fostering a Higher Opinion of the Competence of Journalists (CFHCJ) , found that while national leaders often make mistakes, fail to comprehend the significance of their actions, and leap to decisions without careful forethought, journalists almost never do any of those things.

We were surprised at how wise journalists are compared with world leaders," said an unnamed source at CFHCJ. "It's amazing that the men and women who lead nations ever rose to such positions of responsibility, considering their relative ignorance and incompetence. Perhaps more incredible is that few nations have elected reporters, editors and columnists as chief executives."

The CFHCJ initiated the study after researchers noticed that reporters and columnists often have better ideas than world leaders, even though they lack access to reliable information and must shape their opinions from hearsay, conjecture, news releases and public statements by people who have self-promoting motivations.
TONY THE TEACHER at Agblog just got sent the Not in Our Name petition and boy is he pissed.

"I know not whether to admire the Chinese for their many virtues or to despise them for their glaring defects . . . their industry exceeds that of any other people on the face of the earth, they are laborious, patient and cheerful; but on the other hand they are corrupt, supple and exacting, yielding to their superiors and tyrannical to those who fall into their power"

Sir James Brooke, Raja of Sarawak (nineteenth century).
EARLIER THIS WEEK I posted my intent to do a little housekeeping with respect to this site, among other things changing margins and fonts, organizing links and adding a comment feature. As you can see none of that has been done. I have a house guest here and good manners prevents me from ignoring my duties as host to play on the computer all afternoon. The promised improvements are coming, but it will likely be next weekend before I have an opportunity to get to them.

Saturday, October 19, 2002


Given the government's poor track record in fighting terrorism and the high political cost Megawati has to pay if she goes after Muslim clerics suspected as terrorists, there is no reason to believe that perpetrators of last weekend's attacks will ever see justice or their networks be destroyed.

[. . . .]

Taking stern action against militant clerics will certainly further reinforce perceptions among Muslims that Megawati, hailing from the nationalist Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI Perjuangan), is anti-Islam. This certainly does no good for her presidency now or for her re-election bid in 2004, when the country holds its first direct presidential election.

Hours after signing tough new anti-terrorism measures into law, the Indonesian government yesterday arrested Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir on charges linking him to a spate of church bombings in 2000 that killed 19 people and injured dozens of others.

The arrest of the 64-year-old - seen by regional governments as the spiritual leader of the Jemaah Islamiah (JI) terrorist network and linked to Al-Qaeda - could mark a turning point for Jakarta, often criticised for failing to act against terror groups.

It's way too early to hail this as a "tuning point" in Jakarta's dealings with terrorists. The country's prior actions have been marked by cynicism and posturing. Nothing I've seen so far proves that this won't continue.
QUESTION FOR MAUREEN DOWD: I'm only a blogger and not a NY Times columnist, so please forgive my ignorance, but can you please tell me which international agreements that the US has "flouted" since Bush's inauguration ?
O.J. SIMPSON HAS SECOND THOUGHTS: A laugh for the day, via Vodka Pundit.
IT WAS A SPECTACULARY BEAUTIFUL day in Hong Kong today and I spent the afternoon with an equally spectacular girl. I'm just too damned content to rant about anything this evening and if I wrote about how great my life seems at this moment, you'd think me a smug bastard. . . .

Smug perhaps, but not ungrateful. Thanks to all of my fellow bloggers who linked to me this week. My hit counter was working overtime. Special thanks to Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit who linked to me twice, sending traffic through the roof. Thanks also to my old pal skippy the bush kangeroo. If my e-mail is anything to judge by, skippy sends me the most thoughtful, interesting, friendly readers of any site on the web, which is particularly impressive given that none of them agree with a single thing I write. New linkers include Bo Cowgill, Kathy Kinsley, Amaravati, the Daily Dose, Objectionable Content and TelfordWork's Clutter.

Every one of these blogs is worth visiting. So what the hell are you all still doing here? Go check them out and then come back and see me tomorrow when I am not so annoyingly pleased with myself.

Friday, October 18, 2002

MARK STEYN writes yet another great column. From the Spectator:

The French were supportive for about ten minutes after 11 September, but for most of the last year have been famously and publicly non-supportive: throughout the spring, their foreign minister, M. Védrine, was deploring American ‘simplisme’ on a daily basis. The French veto is still Saddam’s best shot at torpedoing any meaningful UN action on Iraq. If you were to pick only one Western nation not to blow up the oil tankers of, the French would be it.
But they got blown up anyway. And afterwards a spokesman for the Islamic Army of Aden said, ‘We would have preferred to hit a US frigate, but no problem because they are all infidels.’

No problem. They are all infidels.

Unlike Mr Fisk, I don’t have decades of expertise in the finer points of Islamic culture, so when people make certain statements and their acts conform to those statements I tend to take them at their word. As Hussein Massawi, former leader of Hezbollah, neatly put it, ‘We are not fighting so that you will offer us something. We are fighting to eliminate you.’ The first choice of Islamists is to kill Americans and Jews, or best of all an American Jew — like Daniel Pearl, the late Wall Street Journal reporter. Failing that, they’re happy to kill Australians, Britons, Canadians, Swedes, Germans, as they did in Bali. We are all infidels.

Back in February, Fisk wrote a column headlined ‘Please Release My Friend Daniel Pearl’. It followed a familiar line: please release Daniel, then you’ll be able to tell your story, get your message out. Taking him hostage is ‘an own goal of the worst kind’, as it ensures he won’t be able to get your message out, the message being — Fisky presumed — ‘the suffering of tens of thousands of Afghan refugees’, ‘the plight of Pakistan’s millions of poor’, etc. Somehow the apologists keep missing the point: the story did get out; Pearl’s severed head is the message. That’s why they filmed the decapitation, released it on video, circulated it through the bazaars and madrasas and distributed it worldwide via the Internet. The message got out very effectively.

(I cannot link to the full text beecause the Spectator website is currently down)

"Wild drinking, disturbance, gambling, drug-taking, lecherous acts, prostitution, obscene and superstitious painting, calligraphy, and videotape recordings disseminating and projecting are strictly forbidden.

Guns, bullets, explosives, poisonous and radiative items (including inflammable chemical items) are not allowed inside the hotel.

The use of electric stoves, irons, ovens and other electronic equipment is not allowed. Copymachines, telex, and other office facilities can not be installed without approval.

Raising birds, poultry, and livestock is forbidden within the room."

From The Wall Street Journal.
HANS BLIX, useful idiot (via Bo Cowgill):

"The measures signify a leap forward to stronger, more effective safeguards … A good deal of what we are now doing is based on the lessons learnt in Iraq." --International Atomic Energy Agency Director-General Hans Blix announcing a beefed up nuclear-weapons inspection regime for North Korea, The Glasgow Herald, May 17,1997.

That's reassuring.

IT IS FITTING that, in the same week Jimmy Carter was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, as a rebuke to President Bush for his determination to prevent Iraq from acquiring nuclear weapons, the world should learn that North Korea systematically violated its own agreement not to produce such weapons -- an agreement negotiated by the peanut farming laureate himself. North Korea is now believed to have at least two nuclear devices. Is this the "peace" fetishisticly sought by the Nobel Committee, the multilateralists, the Europeans, et al.? A peace born of terror? A peace in which free, democratic, law abiding nations are forestalled from acting, for fear of the nuclear annihilation of one of their cities, while vile, delusional, sociopaths do as they will? The peace of the grave?

The most oppressive, evil, murderous regime on the face of the planet now has nuclear arms and and missiles to carry them capable of reaching the US. Thank you Bill Clinton. You have imperiled lives of the people you swore to serve. You were worried about your legacy? When Los Angeles disappears beneath a mushroom cloud, you'll have your bloody legacy. On the other hand, you did get a blow-job in the oval office and how cool is that! Besides, you're rich now and you don't live in California, so what the fuck. Thank you also Madelyn not-at-Albright. If I had one wish for you, it would be that God grant a moment of intelligence and insight to your otherwise ovine mind, sufficient for you to realize what an embarrassment and disgrace you are and how much damage you have caused. And Jimmy Carter, what can I say? You had four years of your own to fuck things up. Did you really need to come back for an encore?

This is worse than bad policy and incompetent execution. Clinton, Albright and Carter should be tried and incarcerated for criminal negligence. Unfortunately, US law doesn't allow for that. Nevertheless, if Carter had any honor, he'd declare himself unworthy of the Nobel Prize, apologize to the American people, and return to hammering on poor people's houses. If Albright had any honor, she'd do the Japanese thing and quietly kill herself. And if Bill Clinton had any . . . oops, sorry, what the fuck was I thinking?!?

So here we are. Millions of innocents at the mercy of sociopaths who kidnap schoolgirIs off the streets to serve their spy agencies and then murder them when they become inconvenient. Is it finally clear to everyone? Do you finally get it United Nations? Has the EU figured it out? Hey Germany, this means you! Is there anyone in the world who still doesn't understand why it is imperative that Saddam Hussein be removed and why the US isn't prepared to play a game of "Kofi may I" to get it done?

Well guess what? It doesn't matter whether you get it or not. Luckily, Floridians are morons, the Supreme Court was stacked and Al Gore ain't president. There's a new sheriff in town and Saddam is going down, weapons inspectors, UN resolutions, NGOs and fact finding missions notwithstanding. The US is once more going to act to protect the world, whether the world realizes it needs protecting or not. No need to say thank you, just kindly step to one side please.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

HAVE I COINED A NEW BLOG EXPRESSION? Let's see if it catches on. By the way skippy, it seems as if at least three people care.

NOTE: To answer your question, Amritas, BATS is the bar at the Shangri La Hotel, popular with Jakarta "working girls" . . . errrr, or so I hear.
WHAT A STEAMING PILE of fertilizer. I can't believe that Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs took this seriously enough to waste band width on it. The other two guys were no doubt Jimmy Hoffa and Lord Lucan.

What's next Charles, Elvis sightings?
AN ISRAELI MAN SUFFERED A HEART ATTACK when he hired a call girl, only open the door and find his own daughter. The 48-year-old businessman recovered and upon his return home told his wife, who is now divorcing him.

SPEAKING OF ELVIS SIGHTINGS AND STEAMING PILES, Marc Miyake at Amaravati tips me off that this story is a variation of an urban legend. What is the world coming to when you can't trust Ananova as a reliable source for news? Thanks Marc.

Indonesian beer industry collapses.

No, not really.

The Australian government is advising citizens to leave Indonesia and to put off all non-essential travel to Indonesia because of "disturbing" new information of threats to them in the country.

"The decision to amend our travel advice is based on disturbing new information of generic threats to Australians and Australian interests in Indonesia,"
Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said.
THE AFTERMATH: The repurcussions from the the Bali bombing and its impact on the already troubled Indonesian economy.
VIETNAMESE ACTOR branded a "national traitor" for appearing in Hollywood movie.

HANOI - Vietnam's Ministry of Culture and Information has told local officials to punish a Vietnamese actor branded a 'national traitor' for his role in the Hollywood movie We Were Soldiers with Mel Gibson.

Its not encouraging for the war on terror, when unreconstructed communist regimes like this still remain from the cold war.
MODERATE MUSLIMS in Southeast Asia speak about Bali.
IRANIAN COLA: Iran seeks to turn its local ZAM ZAM Cola into a global brand to compete with Coke and Pepsi. In support of this brand expansion, ZAM ZAM's previous advertising slogan "ZAM ZAM to quench pilgrim's thirst to Mecca" has reportedly been changed to "Drink it you infidel dogs or die."
NORTH KOREA admits that it has maintained a nuclear weapons program in direct violation of the agreement it signed during the Clinton administration.

I'm shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

What's more, you can't blame Bush for this. According to the North Koreans themselves, the program was begun while Clinton was still in office.

I can't imagine why they'd make this admission unless they had already successfully developed the weapons. Nuclear arms in the hands complete, raving madmen. Thank you Bill Clinton and Madelyn not-at-Albright, the worst Secretary of State since . . . since . . . .

UPDATE: It seems the North Koreans admitted their violation only because they were caught red-handed. Naturally, they have condemned the arrogance of Asst. Sec. of State James Kelly for making an issue of it.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR JAKE YOUNG: There will be a memorial service for "Big Jake" Young, victim of the Bali terrorist attack, this Friday, October 18th at 7:00 PM at The American Club (Kam Shan Room), Two Exchange Square, Central, Hong Kong.

"At this gathering of friends, we will remember Big Jake: The kind, generous, loving giant who touched us all in such a very short time. We will also pray for the well being of Jake's wife Laura and their son Wilson."

If you were a friend of Jake's (and to know him was to be his friend) please come by. Farewell Buddy, we'll miss you.
MY LEFTY PAL skippy the bush kangaroo has his own bone to pick with punditourist Ralph Peters who I take on below. There's a bipartisan consensus Peters. You're a boob.
BALI: Glenn Reynolds and Kathy Kinsley point out the grim future facing the Balinese and suggest sending them flowers c/o the Indonesian embassy. Its a gesture, I suppose, but an utterly empty one for people facing abject poverty.

I'll tell you what I intend to do, and not just for altruistic reasons -- I'm going to Bali in December. There is no place in the world more beautiful. The top hotels and villas amid the rice paddies will likely be the safest places in Southeast Asia after this weekend's attack (the area where the attack took place is far away, more accessable, more down market and generally back-packer oriented). And the prices will be outrageously cheap. I'd no more shun Bali now then I would have avoided New York after 9/11.

I went to Lompoc just after the Muslim/Chistian riots and lived lavishly for nearly nothing. Security was stringent (when the Indonesian army is unleashed they don't fool around. Ask the East Timorese). The beaches were deserted and I had a fantastic time. Indeed, I'm off to Jakarta next week on business and, while I will exercise common sense, I am not unduly concerned.

Do something tangible to help the Balinese. Go to Bali. Enjoy a fantastic vacation in paradise. Avoid the crowds. Save a small fortune. Impress your friends and neighbors with your boldness. And, as an added bonus, send a message to the terrorists that they have failed . . . yet again.

UPDATE: The Belicose Kathy Kinsley e-mails me to point out that not everyone can go to Bali. She's right, as usual. Flowers are a gesture, but gestures are important, particularly now when, given the immediate horror, the plight of the Balinese is being largely overlooked. BTW, if anyone is interested in sponsoring Kathy on a Balinese fact finding mission, she says she's ready to go.

THIS JUST IN: If any of you guys are still on the fence about taking Kathy on that fact finding mission, she's just upped the offer. Dancing! If anyone wants to dance the night away with Belicose Kathy in Bali, you can find her here.
REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE calls media question "bullshit".
Unfortunately, he later apologized.
MY LATEST corporate client.
UNFORTUNATE TIMING: This article appeared in the Jakarta Post on Saturday, just hours before the Bali terrorist bombing:

U.S. media stigmatizes Indonesia as terror haven, moderate Muslim leader says

JAKARTA (JP): U.S. media have stigmatized Indonesia as "a lair for terrorist groups", the chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), the country's largest Muslim organization, Hasyim Muzadi, said on Friday.

Hasyim told reporters that he had conveyed his criticism to U.S. Ambassador Ralph Boyce during a meeting at his office here and that Boyce had agreed with him.
SADDAM WINS 100% of "vote" in "referendum," Reuters "news agency" credulously "reports":

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein won 100 percent of votes in a referendum for a new term in office, official results showed on Wednesday.

Saddam's top deputy Izzat Ibrahim, reading official results at a news conference in Baghdad, said turnout was also 100 percent in Tuesday's referendum.

Nearly 12 million Iraqis were eligible to answer a simple "Yes" or "No" for another seven-year term for Saddam, who has ruled Iraq for 23 years through the tight grip of the military and police.

The authorities had urged voters to turn out in force to show massive support for Saddam in the face of U.S. threats of military action and President Bush's declared desire to remove him from power.

The United States has dismissed the vote and said it lacked any credibility.

Yes folks, that's it. The entire article. 100% turn-out and 100% of the votes. No mention of coercion. No mention of the fact that voters had to sign their names to their ballots. No questioning the claim that every single eligible voter made it to the polls and successfully voted, notwithstanding illness, death, accident, child birth, lethargy, mechanical breakdown, lame camel, sick goat, wicked hangover, hanging chads or butterfly ballots.

Hey Reuters, the "referendum" might as well have posed the question "Would you prefer Saddam Hussein to continue his glorious leadership, or to have severe electric shocks administered to your genitals prior to execution?"

Reuters, you're a disgrace.

UPDATE: Unbelievable! The Financial Times is, if anything, even worse that Reuters. Jesus wept. I don't know what else to say.

UPDATE: Bjørn Stærk argues that Saddam's garnering 100% of the vote is entirely plausible. After all, the .04% who voted against him in the last election are probably dead.

UPDATE: Saddam comments on his victory.
I'VE NOTICED THAT this site has had a much stronger Asian focus than usual over the past two weeks or so. Given recent events in Bali and my pre-existing interest in Indonesia and, of course, my location in Asia, this makes sense. However, I've been wondering, what do you readers think? On the one hand, a stronger Asian focus going foward would distinguish this site from the thousands of other similar blogs out there. Set us apart from the crowd, so to speak. On the other, I wonder if it is too narrow a subject to hold reader interest over the long term. Will you guys keep coming back? Do you care enough about what's going on out here (I say here because many of you are located in the US and Europe)?

E-mail me with any thoughts on the subject.

BTW, site renovations are coming this weekend. Among other things I intend to add a comments feature. Then I'll be able to learn what you think. Of course, if I learn that you think I'm a big idiot, off it goes.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

I'VE SEEN THIS WSJ OP-ED by Ralph Peters, on the subject of Indonesia, linked several places in the blogosphere. Peters is a typical punditourist -- i.e., one who briefly visits a country, does a superficial tour and now thinks he understands it. His depiction of Indonesian politics and society is complete nonsense. He hasn't got a clue. Ignore him. Read this and this instead.

UPDATE: Did I call that right or what! Here's Peter's bio from a piece in Paramaters:

Ralph Peters is a retired US Army officer, a writer, and a frequent contributor to Parameters. Recent travels in Indonesia and India inspired the arguments presented in this essay.

Freakin' punditourist! What did you do Peters? Hang out at BATS and chat with the bar girls? Be sure to take your next vacation in Jerusalem, so you can solve the Palestinian problem for us as well.
THE NEW YORK TIMES reports that, in the weeks leading up to the bombing in Bali, US officials repeatedly warned the Indonesian government of planned terrorist attacks. In response, Indonesia responded "with demands for more concrete evidence of a terrorist plot and Qaeda activity."

Satisfied now?
STOLEN FROM Juan Gato, via Tim Blair:

Amazingly I too received a letter signed, "Osama bin Laden, me! yes, that bin Laden." I feel it is my duty to the world to share this information.

To the Brothers of Battle from not beyond the grave!

This is Osama bin Laden, and I am most certainly not dead! Gloriousness and joy shall follow your efforts in the great battle against those who most certainly have not killed me!

I, who am not a smear on a rock somewhere, call you forward against the infidel drinkers of dog-alcohol who have hotter women who must be covered up.

I shall appear before you soon, because I am most certainly not dead, but only after this pimple on my living nose has subsided. But our fight shall never subside!

signed, Osama bin Livin' Laden


I say mine is just as legitimate as that other.
WELCOME to all of you referred here by InstaPundit and Nebraska.rivals. Look around, have a seat, make yourselves comfortable. Y'all come back now, ya' hear.
WHO NEEDS IRONY when you have Islam? The Iranian newspaper Abrar reports that Ayatollah Mohsen Mujtahed Shabestari, a "personal representative of Iran's supreme leader," has called for protestant ministers Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham to be killed. Falwell, Robertson and Graham have angered Muslins with statements calling Islam a violent religion.

Shabestari further referred to the three as "Israeli mercenaries" who needed to be "separated from other Christians".

Thanks, but we'll handle our own separating, Turban Boy.
ABU BAKAR BASHIR of Jemaah Islamiah just appeared on BBC blaming the US for the terrorist attack in Bali. As evidence he cited the fact that there were "no Americans among the dead." You lying rat bastard.
IS HE IN JAIL YET? Shortly before this weekend's terrorist atrocity in Bali, Indonesian vice-president, Islamofascist apologist and all-around jackass, Hamzah Haz said:

"There are no terrorists here. I guarantee that. If they (terrorists) exist, don't arrest any Muslim clerics, arrest me,"

Sounds good to me.

UPDATE: For anyone interested in understanding the tangled political mess in Indonesia here is an excellent piece by Bill Guiren at Asia Times. Here's another one. I'm not aware of another journalist with Guiren's understanding of Indonesia. I highly recommend these.
UK INDEPENDANT headline reads: "Unless there is more justice in the world, Bali will be repeated." I agree completely. More justice is precisely what is needed. Swift and sure execution of all perpetrators, organizers and supporters of the outrage. Dranconian sanctions imposed on any country that refuses to act boldly against terrorism. Immediate military strikes against nations that harbor and/or support terrorism. A clear demonstraton that the murder of innocents will not be tolerated.


Whats that?

Oh, I see.

It seems that's not the kind of justice the Independant had in mind.

Muhammad al-Mulaifi, head of the information department at Kuwait's Ministry of Islamic Affairs, tried momentarily to suppress a smile, then broke into a broad grin when asked if he supported the terrorist attacks on the United States last year.

"I would be lying if said I wasn't happy about the attack," he said, sitting on the floor of his air-conditioned home office, a carpeted, cushioned oasis amid the harsh heat of this small, dry country. Mr. Mulaifi said that many Kuwaitis were delighted about what had happened to the United States and that he had attended parties held in celebration.

"Only then did we see America suffer for a few seconds what Muslims have been suffering for a long time," he said.

His view is not an uncommon one among Muslims in this part of the world, but it is surprising coming from someone whose country the United States rescued from Iraqi domination just over 11 years ago.

Mr Mulaifi, you are a filthy, blood thirsty, amoral, barbarian. And what's more an ingrate. This man is the spokesman for the Ministry of Islamic Affairs for Christ's sake. Would anyone else now like to tell me why my post below is unjustified?
IN HINDSIGHT we should have seen it coming. Kuta Beach in Bali was too tempting a target. In a single blow the fanatics have struck at the West in general; Australia in particular (which is particularly disliked for its role East Timor); decadence (men and women mixing in night clubs); Hindu Bali; and the government of Megawati Sukarnoputri. Each a very inviting target.

Tempting, but also incredibly ill advised. The Islamo-butchers have now, hopefully, fouled their own nest and forced the one country in Asia where they could have operated with relative impunity to take action against them. Like the attack on the French oil tanker -- stupid and counter-productive.
LAST YEAR at about this time, as I watched the World Trade Center collapse in New York, my home town, I knew with absolute certainty that people I knew, probably people whom I cared about, were dead or dieing. I was right. They were.

This weekend, as I watched the news from Bali, I experienced the same thing. Twice in just over a year I've lost friends to these fuckwitted, Islamo-lunatic, assholes. Good men, with families and everything to live for, died. Innocent people were murdered, mutilated, incinerated, and why? Because they took the occasional drink? Because they let other men see their wife's hair? Because they had bacon with their morning eggs? What the fuck is the matter with these people? Where are the sane Islamic leaders who should be condemning these murders in the strongest terms possible?

I have many Muslim friends. My girlfriend is Muslim. But I must sadly conclude that the world would be a better place if the entire Islamic faith simply ceased to exist. Anne Coulter caught hell some months back for suggesting that Muslims should be converted to Christianity. I'm coming to believe that she may have had a point. We de-Nazified Germany. What precisely is the difference? Do the Rawlsian math. Weigh the potential suffering of Muslims denied the opportunity to practice their cockeyed faith against the current suffering to others caused by Muslims who do.

I know, I know. I'm being extreme. I'm reacting in anger. I shouldn't say such things. But fuck it, I am angry! If Muslims want understanding and tolerance from me, how about, at a minimum, they stop murdering my goddamn friends.

UPDATE: A reader responds that the difference between Nazism and fundimentalist Islam is "6 million dead Jews." True enough. But take the Israelis' guns away and I assure you, the Islamo-fascists would happily provide all the dead Jews required.

UPDATE: Just to be clear, this is hyperbole folks. I am not actually advocating the forced conversion of all Muslims to Christianity. Please don't send me anymore lengthy e-mails explaining why such a policy is impractical.

Monday, October 14, 2002

JAKE YOUNG, a US lawyer, two time All American offensive lineman at Nebraska and all around great guy, was killed in the Bali terrorist attack this weekend. Jake lived here in Hong Kong and was in Bali playing in a tournament with the Hong Kong rugby team. Eight other members of that team were also killed. Jake was an outstanding athlete, a talented lawyer, a devoted husband and father and one of the most decent men I have ever known. He leaves behind a wife and one young son and many friends here in HK who will miss him dearly. I do already.

May the evil bastards responsible burn in hell forever.
INTERESTING SEARCH QUERIES: The search query "hamzah haz bastard" brought someone to this site. I haven't actually called the Indonesian Vice President and Islamo-fascist apologist a bastard. Consider that oversight hereby corrected.
THE INDONESIAN GOVERNMENT is directly culpable for this weekend's outrage in Bali. They refused to take action against Abu Bakar Bashir and Jemaah Islamiah, the most likely culprits, thinking they could reach an accomodation with Islamic extremists. The result is the devastation of its tourist industry, which employs 8 million Indonesians, and an effective embargo of future outside investment. The already troubled Indonesian economy will grow even worse. Has everyone learned their lesson now?
BASTARDS! A collegue of mine from work and nine members of the Hong Kong rugby team are among the dead in Bali. I'm sure I will have a lot to say about this murderous outrage in the coming days, but right now I'm not up to it.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

THE STRAIGHT DOPE. I've received a bunch of referrals from Cecil Adams' Straight Dope website but have no idea why. Curious. . . . Anyone stopping by here who can fill me in, send an e-mail via my links column.
INDONESIANS unable to identify anyone fit to lead the country. Me either, but one can't help but question the validity of a poll whose respondants consisted of 17 to 25 year olds who were mostly university students or graduates. That's hardly a representative sample in Indonesia.
I'M OFF TO MANILA TOMORROW. My first trip to the so-called Pearl of the Orient. International dial up access is unreliable and expensive in Asia, but I will, will, will post while away. I can't afford to alienate any more readers after my last forced sabbatical.
Hong Kong People see a bleak future:

Once it embodied Asia's spirit of can-do capitalism. Now Hong Kong is mired in economic and social gloom. Many in the middle class now believe the only way is out.

The question is, is this the result of the incompetence of Mr. Tung et al., or is this all part of Beijing's game plan? Beijing would -- I am convinced -- be delighted to see Hong Kong suffer. Hong Kong's decline directly benefits Shanghai, which is of much greater concern to Beijing, while a frightened, insecure populace in HK, feeling dependant on the Mainland for economic survival, is far less likely to make pesky noises about democratization.

Are you paying attention Taiwan?
Mark Steyn in the Spectator:

If you believe, like Nelson Mandela, that Bush is the problem not Saddam, then the above makes perfect sense. But I wonder if the rest of the anti-Yank set have thought it through. When they bitch about America’s warmongering but think the UN’s the perfect vehicle to restrain it, you know they’re just posing, and that, though they may routinely say that ‘Bush frightens me’, they’re not frightened at all. America could project itself anywhere and blow up anything, but it doesn’t. It could tell the UN to go fuck itself, but it’s not that impolite. Imagine any previous power of the last thousand years with America’s unrivalled hegemony and unparalleled military superiority in a unipolar world with nothing to stand in its way but UN resolutions. Pick whoever you like: the Soviet Union, Imperial Japan, the Third Reich, the Habsburgs, Tsarist Russia, Napoleon, Spain, the Vikings. That’s really ‘frightening’. I’ve now read a gazillion columns beginning, ‘He’s a dangerous madman with weapons of mass destruction. No, not Saddam. George W. Bush.’ It barely works as a joke never mind a real threat. The fact that, in all the torrent of anti-Americanism, there’s no serious thought given to how to reverse it nor any urgency about doing so tells you precisely how frightening and dangerous these folks really think the Great Satan is.

Read it all, here.
ANSON CHAN HAS FAITH IN BEIJING. Former head of the Hong Kong Civil Service and noted (small "D") democrat Anson Chan, in a Washington DC address to the Heritage Foundation, expressed faith in the Beijing government to listen to the wishes of Hong Kong people on the pace of democratization in Hong Kong and warned against "second-guessing" the Tung administration on the shape of the proposed anti-subversion laws.

This is not to be taken at face value. Unlike Martin Lee, who has completely marginalized himself with Beijing, Chan hopes to retain some influence and knows that public criticisim of Beijing and/or Tung, particularly while aboard, will not influence, but merely enrage, them. Chan is keeping her powder dry. She is the only democrat who's opinion and dissent Beijing fears. Rightly or wrongly, she's decided this is not the time to take a stand.

Of course, they don't fear her that much since her calls for publication of a "white bill," along with those of the HK Law Society have been rebuffed.

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

SHIT! I have the highest number of hits in the brief history of this website and what happens the next day? My brand new Dell Inspiron decides to make like Hal in 2001. Finally, a week later, I'm up and running again and spend the better part of an hour composing a post regailing you with my adventures with the non-English speaking technical support staff at Dell Hong Kong, only to have Blogger eat my post. Fuck it! I'm going to bed. I'll post something new tomorrow.

UPDATE: Oh this just keeps getting better! While I was away on my forced sabbatical, the king of the bloggersphere himself, Glen Reynolds, posted a link to my humble little site, boosting my traffic exponentially and, naturally, I missed it entirely. Please, everyone, come back!

I'll just go shoot myself now. . . .